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In the opinion of some, this is the most relaxing moment that life can possibly offer. The endless beautiful scenery around the lake and peace that fills your heart and overcomes your soul as you sit out on the lake and immerse yourself in one of Gods creations.
Whatever your choice of boat or and occasional plane, you will find great joy on the lake. Many events take place on the lake through the summer and winter of which we will post here if notified;

Boating on Bow Lake

 Whatever your boating passion…cruising, sightseeing, waterskiing, kayaking, bass fishing, tubing, sailing, paddling or pedaling…Bow Lake is where it is at! 

 Whether considering a 12-mile leisurely cruise around our beautiful shore or a relaxing kayak experience with loons, fishing with the kids or the competition of a sailing race… be sure to consider the following: 

Water Street Boat Ramp

Bow Lake’s public boat launch site with a public dock for your convenience just a short distance away.  Parking and porta-potties are available in the lot behind the Grange Hall with public beach swimming located on either side of the dam.  Consider Sheilah’s Market for a delicious lunch or dinner option with the ambiance of a family picnic by the Isinglass River waterfall! 

Lake Host Program

The Lake Host™ Program is a courtesy boat inspection program administered by NH LAKES in cooperation with BLCOA to prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic nuisance species (both plants and animals) from waterbody to waterbody.       Infestations of aquatic nuisance species such as variable milfoil and Asian             Clams in our waterbodies are undesirable because: they make recreation in and            on the water dangerous and unpleasant; they disrupt the ecological balance of            waterbodies; they reduce shoreline property values; and they are difficult and expensive to control. ( 

Bow Lake is free of invasive species!
Please help us keep it this way!!

Bow Lake’s host, Adam Krans, is the first “official” friendly face that visiting boaters will see as they enter/or leave the Water Street boat launch area on weekends.  Adam is our Bow Lake ambassador and is available to inform your experience and educate boaters about the simple measures they can do to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species.  Adam will survey boaters about boating care and conduct a courtesy boat and trailer inspection to remove all hitchhiking pieces of aquatic nuisance species.  Please visit the NH Lakes Host Program website and learn how you can help to keep our lakes clean and free of invasive ‘hitchhikers’!        


Whether you would prefer a leisurely ‘luff’ or a screaming ‘broad reach’, Bow Lake provides challenging, variable breezes to fill your sails.  If ‘friendly competition’ is what peaks your interest, the Bow Lake Yacht Club is a fun group of sailboat racers who race weekends throughout the summer.  Come join them…all sailors welcome… no experience necessary…just a desire to have fun sailing.  Bring you own boat or we’re always looking for crew! 


 Impact of Motorize watercraft on New Hampshire Lakes


State of NH Boating Courses and Boat Operator Licenses

NH Mandatory Boating Education Law…everyone 16 years of age and older who operates a motorboat over 25 horsepower on New Hampshire waters must have a boating education certificate.

For more information regarding boating certificates and a schedule for boating classes, please visit…